Frequently Asked Questions

Can anyone come to WOD sessions?

In order to come to a WOD session, you need to have some experience of CrossFit, meaning you have done a beginners/foundations/kickstart course with us or another CrossFit Affiliate, or you have been training CrossFit for more than 3 months. 

Can anyone come to HYROX sessions?

Yes, these sessions deliberately do not involve complex movements, so are suitable for most.

Can anyone come to LIFT sessions?

Yes, these sessions primarily focus on Olympic Weightlifting technique. However, if you have zero Olympic Weightlifting experience, please send us a message before booking on.

Can anyone come to ENGINE and Barbell Conditioning sessions?

No, these are advanced sessions, you need to be eligible for WOD sessions as above and have completed at least a month of WOD sessions post kickstart. This is to ensure you have the skills and some base level of fitness before attending these sessions.