Constantly varied functional movements performed at a high intensity relative to you

But what does that really mean?

It means that we use a variety of functional movements (meaning movements your body is made to do in everyday life), mixed in infinite combinations. These infinite combinations mean every workout is different. We then perform these workouts over a variety of time domains - some workouts are short and highly intense (under 4 minutes), most are moderate in length (5 - 20 minutes) and occasionally we go long (30-60 minutes).

What this means for you is that you develop a broad and general fitness.  The great thing is this means you can perform life's daily tasks more easily, and even just turn up at a 10K run, triathlon or weightlifting competition and take part without any special training.

For every single movement, we have a progression, so you never turn up to face a workout you cannot do. We adapt every movement to your fitness level and capability, meaning you get a good safe workout, as well as have the ability to develop your skills.

Here are some of the types of movements we use:



This will include the basics such as bodyweight squats, push up, sit ups, pull ups, lunges. 

Can't do a pull up? Don't worry, most people can't when they join us, but we will get you there!



At the simplest end this means running (whether your run is a slow jog or a fast tempo), but also we use some machines such as Concept 2 rowers, Assault Bikes and ski erg trainers. Oh, and of course skipping (both conventional and double unders- where the rope passes twice under your feet for every jump).



We regularly use movements from both Olympic weightlifting and powerlifting to help get us stronger and to help get ourselves fitter.

Our Foundations workshops give you the basic weightlifting skills, which we constantly drill and develop, to make sure you are lifting safely whilst getting stronger.



This is where the real fun and challenge is had. Don't worry if you feel you have no gymnastic ability, most people don't when they join us, and most haven't done a handstand since primary school!

We stick to the basics, so think things like handstands (push ups and walking), single leg squats, toes to bar and muscle ups.

We start with the basics and you learn these things at your own pace and according to your own confidence levels.