Dealing with change

Covid-19 has change our lives forever, and has had an impact on almost everything we do.

We have completely remodelled our facility in order to allow "socially distanced" exercise in line with all Government recommendations. This provides you with the safest possible training environment according to those recommendations.

In our facility, you get all the equipment you could need in or within arm's reach of your workout area, safe in the knowledge it was clean when you arrived. You don't need to wander around to find it, and can maintain a social distance from others for the whole of your session.



What are the hazards?

Spread of Covid-19/Coronavirus from:

  • Touching surfaces

  • Airborne transmission

Who is at risk?

  • Coaches

  • Members

  • Cleaners

  • Visitors

  • Families of the above

What steps have been put in place to manage or mitigate the hazards?

We have issued guidelines to coaches and to members, to carry into effect the following:

  1. Asked people not to attend if they have any relevant symptoms.

  2. Required people to book in for sessions and only attend if booked in (this has always been the case and is managed by our online booking system, Teamup).

  3. Our booking system provides us with the information to assist with Track and Trace. In addition we have asked coaches to note member's lane assignments during sessions to help with Track and Trace.

  4. Asked people to bring only the bare essentials in to the gym with them.

  5. We do not have formal changing facilities so people tend to arrive ready to train in any case.

  6. Assessed the safe capacity of the building based on 100 sqft per person to 21 people.

  7. Reorganised the gym floor to give people clearly marked, designated workout spaces with almost all necessary equipment within their arm’s reach from their workout space, so as to help in maintaining social distance and to limit the need to fetch equipment from around the gym.

  8. Reduced the capacity of each session based on the new gym floor layout, to help maintain social distancing, to 8 people for WOD and 2 people for weightlifting open gym (maximum 10 plus 1-2 coaches in any session).

  9. Asked coaches to keep entrance and exit doors propped open to reduce the need to touch door handles, and to keep the rear doors open 12 inches, to create fresh air ventilation.

  10. Placed hand sanitiser points at entry and exit points and on the counter on the gym floor, with signs drawing attention to them.

  11. Placed “stay 2 metres apart” tape on the floor in traffic routes at 2 metre intervals to help people to judge social distance, and added eye level signage as a reminder to people.

  12. Asked coaches to limit music volume to conversational level to reduce the need to shout or raise voices.

  13. Relocated the whiteboard to centralise explanation of the whiteboard to people to the centre of the gym floor so that this can be done while people maintain social distance and without the coach needing to shout across the gym.

  14. Provided floor markings at the whiteboard to assist coaches in assessing social distance relative to members.

  15. Extended Zoom subscription and provided an iPad for use by coaches, to allow people to attend by Zoom where they may be shielding or their home arrangements may have changed, to facilitate access to coached exercise.

  16. Taken climbing ropes out of commission as they cannot be cleaned effectively between sessions.

  17. Provided cleaning products and required members to clean equipment at the end of their workout.

  18. Provided a wet dry floor scrubber for coaches to clean workout stations in between sessions where the workout has intensively required hands touching the floor, or where the area shows sweat marks from members in the previous session.

  19. Reduced sessions to 50 minutes including time for cleaning equipment by members, so allow a 10 minute buffer so people do not cross over when leaving one session with arrivals for the next session.

  20. Modified session programming and accompanying session notes so as to help coaches to manage timing of sessions to the shorter time allowed for sessions.

  21. Continued to publish workouts on our social media in advance of sessions, so people can judge for themselves whether a session provides more risk to them and to decide if they wish to attend.

  22. Added additional face masks, alcohol wipes and surgical gloves to the medical kit to mitigate hazards if first aid needs to be administered.

  23. Issued detailed guidelines to members and to coaches in relation to the above as appropriate.