Lee Delves


Lee started his CrossFit Journey back in 2011 when Ore CrossFit was called Functional Fitness Shropshire.

He found myself training in a cold, dusty barn on a farm with gym founders Kris and Phil, so that he could lose a bit of weight for his wedding.

Instantly he was hooked by the CrossFit training methodology instantly and unknowingly became part of the cult that is CrossFit!

Ten years on it Lee thinks it has been brilliant to see Kris and Phil's original idea for a gym grow into what it is today, after becoming a CrossFit affiliate back in 2014. Lee thinks this is a testament to all the volunteer coaches and people behind the scenes who have been involved over that period of time and who have given up their own time to make it the success that it is now.

Lee says:

"As well as giving me the opportunity to compete in something again, whether in class or at CrossFit throwdowns (something that I had missed since retiring from playing football), CrossFit has got me in the best shape I have probably ever been in (granted that was a few years ago haha). It has also given me the fitness base to get me through half marathons, various mud runs, CrossFit competitions and most recently a triathlon.​

I have made some amazing friends along the way, which i feel is down to the community feel that Ore CrossFit harbours.

If you have any questions I can help with or any ideas you may have for the gym, please feel free to message me, or speak to me in person. You'll usually find me in the 6am classes moaning about the workouts!"

Lee Delves