Coronavirus - Stage 2, effective immediately

Based on the latest Government recommendations, we are moving to Stage 2 of our plan with immediate effect.

Already in place are our sanitation plan:

  • Blue roll and antibacterial spray has been provided for your personal use on equipment you have been using.

  • As well as the obvious things you pick up (barbells, kettlebells, dumbbells, wall balls), this includes bumper plates, fractional plates, gymnastic rings, pull up bars, and if you have been doing handstand push ups, burpees or push ups, the area where your hands have been grounded, plus any sweat droplets from you, should be cleaned up. The responsibility for this cleaning is for each individual for the equipment they have been using.

  • Please tear off some blue roll, spray on to the blue roll NOT the equipment, and wipe.

  • Please avoid getting the monitors on Assault Bikes and Rowers wet as they will just break and won't be covered by warranty.

  • The antibacterial is commercial strength so things don't need to be soaking wet to be cleaned. We also need to be mindful of leaving equipment wet as this will encourage rust and mould.

NO EXCUSES for not cleaning after yourself. By failing to do so you are potentially risking spreading the virus and endangering the lives and well-being of those around you and their families.

There is now in force a 'two strikes and you are out' rule, i.e. if you are seen to ignore the above cleaning guidelines you will be warned once, a further occasion will mean you may be barred from attending the gym until we are back to normality, which hopefully we will never have to act on. If you forget to clean up behind you, hopefully someone in the gym will remind you and you can clean up behind you. If you leave the gym without cleaning up behind you, that constitutes a 'strike'.

Stage 2 - Objective: greater social distancing, allow everyone to train at roughly their usual time, continued sanitisation

Please bear in mind that the following is to allow 'fair use' of the gym for everyone wishing to come in and train.

We will be aiming to give everyone greater social distance. Based around the 2 metres of personal space adopted by other countries in different stages of the pandemic, we will limit class sizes to 8 persons (4 to operate each side of the rig). There will be two spare lanes (the gym is actually 11.8 metres wide) to allow up to two supervising coaches to train.

Open gym will be adjusted to two spaces per platform, to allow for 2 metres of personal space.

Please be respectful of people's personal space. Understandably, people are scared of this pandemic, and they may be more scared than you are.

PLEASE do not share equipment, barbells, bumpers etc, even for squatting or deadlifting.

Sessions will be limited to 40 minutes, with the aim of having people in, warmed up, exercised, equipment cleaned and away within 35-40 minutes. The 5 minute buffer between sessions is to allow people to leave before others arrive for the following session.

To allow fair use of the gym by all, for the time being you will only be able to book in to one session per day.

We will be providing programming for sessions, tailored to fit within this timeline. We will also be providing 'at home' versions of the workouts. Workouts will be published to the Facebook Group each morning.

All group sessions with be CrossFit only, with the exception of 7.30pm on Tuesday which will be weightlifting for one hour.

Group training and open gym sessions Monday to Friday will be as follows:

  • 5.15pm to 5.55pm

  • 6.00pm to 6.40pm

  • 6.45pm to 7.25pm

In addition there will be open gym on Tuesdays at 7.30pm for one hour.

This Saturday will be an up, over, round and down the Wrekin, leaving the foot of the Wrekin at 9am (aiming to be about 90 minutes, although you can peel off as and when).

Look out for updates as more sessions may be added according to coach availability, all of the above same guidelines on number of people in sessions and sanitisation will all continue to apply.

Thanks for your cooperation and understanding!

Keep each other safe!

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