Coronavirus Plan

Hey guys!

Right, so bearing in mind current Government guidelines and where other countries have gone through this pandemic, we have a provisional three stage plan. We are moving in to Stage 1 tomorrow, Monday 16 March. Movement to further stages will be reactive to Government guidelines, or more local factors if the position locally to us overtakes the Government's guidelines for the entire county.

We are in to the unknown, so the planned stages are liable to change and evolve as the pandemic evolves and we are grateful for your understanding and support as we try to do the best for the health of all of our families and friends.

Obviously, everything we have already suggested still stands:

  • on entering the gym, please wash your hands with the hand wash provided in the loos- this is more effective than alcohol gel, and if you are inadvertently carrying bugs they will be removed here, so never enter the gym

  • if you cough or sneeze (hey, natural reflexes that don't necessarily mean you are unwell) please cough in to your arm or clothing rather than hand or air

  • if your workplace has a confirmed case of Coronavirus, please isolate yourself from the gym for at least two weeks from your last exposure to your workplace

  • if you have been in contact with someone who has been confirmed with Coronavirus or someone who has been advised themselves to self isolate, please isolate yourself from the gym for at least 2 weeks from your last exposure to them

  • if you have recently travelled to an area with confirmed Coronavirus cases (classic is ski trippers returning from Italy) please isolate yourself from the gym for at least 2 weeks after your return

  • if you have any of the symptoms shown in the attached graphic HOWEVER MILD, please follow Government guidance and do not leave your home for 7 days from when your symptoms started, and please don't come in to the gym until you are well

  • if you are unwell and your immune system is fighting something you are possibly more likely to pick up illness so take some time at home to recover so as not to risk your own health

  • if you are in doubt over your health, please dial 111 or speak to your doctor and follow the advice given, be more cautious than usual

  • if you are diagnosed with Coronavirus, or you are advised by a health professional/111 to self isolate, please let us know on including details of when you were last in the gym so that we can consider any measure we might need to put in place

So, on to the plan:

Stage 1 - Objective: element of social distancing, increased sanitisation

We will be aiming to have all exercising finished by 45 minutes in to the session, to allow you to help to get equipment you have been using sanitised, and to get you away before the people for the following session arrive.

Blue roll and antibacterial spray will be provided for your personal use on equipment you have been using. Please tear off some blue roll, spray on to the blue roll NOT the equipment, and wipe. Please avoid getting the monitors on Assault Bikes and Rowers particular wet as they will just break and won't be covered by warranty. The antibacterial is commercial strength so things don't need to be soaking wet to be cleaned. We also need to be mindful of leaving equipment wet as this will encourage rust and mould.

Sharing of hand held equipment is going to be discouraged.

Stage 2 - Objective: greater social distancing, allow everyone to train at roughly their usual time, continued sanitisation

We will be aiming to give everyone greater social distance. Based around the 2 metres of personal space adopted by other countries in different stages of the pandemic, we will limit class sizes to 8 persons (4 to operate each side of the rig much like the throwdown lanes we had in December). There may also be some adjustment to open gym.

Sessions will be limited to 30 minutes, with the aim of having people in, warmed up, exercised, equipment cleaned and away within the 30 minutes. If this proves unachievable we may look to a 10 minute buffer between these sessions.

Stage 3 - Objective: keep you active, keep the gainz coming

If in response to Government guidelines or local factors we need to stop operating group sessions, we will look to operate an equipment library for members. We will be working on exactly how this will operate, but the idea will be to:

  • allow every member one piece/set of equipment

  • allow rotation of equipment around members

This will be backed up with some workouts to do away from the box, including using the equipment you have borrowed.

Your support...

... is obviously very important to us, as important as your wellness is to us - pandemic or no pandemic.

As you are no doubt aware we operate as a 'not for profit' and each and every one of the team volunteers their time to the box, whether as coaches, organisers, management, marketeers or otherwise. This is one of our greatest strengths and allows us to offer Ore's facilities at 25% or more cheaper than most other CrossFit gyms.

Perhaps our greatest strength is also one of our greatest weaknesses. We run at a level where we barely cover our costs each month, and try and put a bit aside for equipment and building maintenance and new equipment purchases where possible. Even the loss of a couple of members can have a significant effect on our ability to meet our monthly running costs of rent, rates, insurances and utilities.

We also understand however that your personal income might be impacted by the pandemic and maintaining your membership might not be possible. If this becomes the case, please have an open conversation with any of the committee (Kudders, Mike, JP or Ian) and we can see what we can do to help, we are after all a community.

Stay safe!

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