97% of people who start a HYROX complete it

Average finishing time is 1hr 30 mins

It’s your new global fitness race for every body! Everyone around the world competes in the same race, on the same course and each event will host up to 3,000 participants per day in an indoor arena.

The competition starts with a 1 km run, followed by 1 functional workout and repeats 8 times. This combination of functional exercises and endurance makes HYROX unique yet still attainable for people from varying athletic and fitness backgrounds.

Each event is also measurable! Participants wear a timing chip and will receive an individual finishing time, as well as splits by workouts and by kilometer, with comparable results through Global Rankings across all events (Singles or Doubles), divisions (HYROX Women/Men, HYROX Pro Women/Pro Men) and in each age group.

Each season culminates with the World Championships where the athletes with the fastest times from each division in each city go head-to-head. 

hyrox competition.png



HYROX is the perfect competition for everyone who works out every week. Are you a team athlete, a runner, a triathlete, an obstacle racer or a Crossfit enthusiast? Or are you a fitness freak and the gym is your playground? Then HYROX is your sport! Go beyond your limits individually or with your doubles partner.

Sign up for a HYROX event as a doubles team with your gym buddy, best friend or partner and race in the HYROX Doubles Division - men/men, women/women or a mixed gender team. You and your teammate race together tag teaming each workout. This means you can support each other and split up the workouts as you choose, based on your individual strengths.



Training for HYROX is an extension of the existing functional fitness training we already do at ORE.

Specifically for HYROX, a little more specialism is needed, with more time spent developing:

  • endurance

  • running

  • capacity in HYROX movements

  • capacity in HYROX movements under fatigue

But, put more simply, training for HYROX is simple functional fitness- no barbells or gymnastics to worry about- just sweat and training that will improve your functional fitness.

If this simplicity suits you- you just want to get in, work hard and reap the results, book in for a HYROX session- no previous experience needed and no on-ramp or foundations course.